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Meet our trexers!​

A team made up of women who share the same dream: to empower every person, team and organization in a world of constant change.

She is a multifaceted person, since she was little she has wanted to be a tennis player, a veterinarian and an actress. Now her biggest challenge and dream is for Trexa to be the top of mind for our customers. She forgot that she also wanted to have a country house with many animals.

Lorena Claux


The biggest and most challenging dream of our founder is that all of Peru embrace diversity and inclusion, then we will be fairer and happier. By the way, you would like to travel to 15 places in the world with your family. Don't you love it?

Sato Tamashiro


When she was a child she wanted to be a math teacher, she always liked science. Now she would like to do a master's degree in digital issues and travel the world, although she would also like to live for a while in Cusco because it is her favorite place.

Pierina Rodríguez

Digital Product Manager


We provide technology to connect the growth of people and organizations.


To be an inspiring digital ecosystem that builds futures in organizations.

Our values

We have a different algorithm

Questioning everything is not an option, it is our rhythm of life.

We have a secret formula

People are our source of inspiration to build digital experiences.

We pick up new signals

Connected with a world full of changes.

We establish the same source code

Be responsible for the needs of each client.

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