Interactive feedback platform for your employees

Gamified Platform

Promote the use of the tool through a gamified environment where users get rewarded and level up based on their achievements.

Create a culture of recognition

Promote recognition among your collaborators and value the good work they do. With Cards you will have all the necessary tools to do it.

Encourage development

Your employees also want to feel part of the victories of the company. With Cards, recognize their victories and encourage them to improve.

Your team is happy to know when they did things right!

Who doesn’t like to receive congratulations for a job well done? Motivate your collaborators through Cards and give them the recognition they deserve for their achievements.

Try Cards and improve feedback processes among your employees

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Earn points and level up for each Card received

We gamify the recognition process through a points system where you can level up according to the Cards sent or received.

Do you want to know how you did? Request feedback!​

Feedback from your collaborators will help them improve their work and find opportunities for improvement to bring better results every time.

How does Cards help you create a culture of recognition?​

Facilitates the exchange of congratulations and thanks

Offers a user-friendly environment

We gamify the process to encourage its use

Customize your cards with messages and images

Envía feedback para fomentar el desarrollo

Align the Cards interface to your company culture

“It has been a great tool for Yanbal, with this application we build a culture of feedback, providing tools so that our team members take a little time to recognize and/or give positive feedback to their colleagues”

Noelia Miranda

HR Business Partner in Yanbal