Know the experience of your employees through surveys

Create surveys in just minutes

Create your surveys in a few clicks, or use one of ours, to find out how your collaborators feel within the company.

Simplify the process

Offer your employees a friendly and simple experience to increase participation.

Analyze in real time

Evaluate the results in real time through the dashboard and reports and make decisions to improve the experience of your collaborators.

Improve the satisfaction of your collaborators by creating memorable experiences

With Insights, collect and analyze your surveys, faster and with less effort, so you can focus on the strategy.

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Less effort and better results

Apply, in an agile way, surveys to your collaborators.

● Work Environment

● Employee Experience

● Culture

● Engagement

● Leadership

Manual processing is in the past

Centralize the information from your surveys and analyze the results from the same screen. Forget about exporting data and creating charts in excel.

How does Insights solve your satisfaction analysis needs?​

Streamline the survey creation process

Maintains confidentiality and transparency

Evaluate the participation by each area of the company

Generate survey reports effortlessly

Offers a user-friendly environment

Allows you to make decisions in real time

“Integrating this application into NGR has helped us a lot, it has allowed us to know the level of satisfaction of the collaborators with the organization and above all to be able to work on their needs, through action plans with the leaders”

Mayra Ríos

Culture and Communication Manager at NG Restaurants S.A.